Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to Us!

This year for Christmas, Sean and I decided that we needed a new comforter set. So, with part our Christmas money that we received from the Ortega's (thank you, thank you!), we decided to purchase a comforter. Our primary reason for going to Mervyn's was to look for an ugly Christmas sweater for my work party. While we were unsuccessful with that, we did find our new comforter and we LOVE it! Our old Walmart comforter needed to go... Luckily, our gold and brown pillows still match!

It's hard to tell, but the colors are gold and and light blue-ish color. It definitely looks better in person...too bad we can't have a big party in our room. jk We have always wanted a bedspread that looked rich and elegant (if that makes sense).

Sean also surprised me with this jewelry armoire. It was well overdue and exactly what I needed. All of my jewelry was in a hat box and scattered about. Now, I can actually organize it! Yeah!

Of course, I had to have my Scentsy warmer that matches the room. I can't wait to go to Kirkland's with my gift card and redecorate everything! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread Houses!

The Ortega's got together for family night to decorate gingerbread houses! We started the tradition last year and feel like we are improving! Last year we couldn't even get the houses to stick together. This year, we realized that a hot glue gun would do the trick. P.S. Frosting is only good for sticking on candy. It does not work when you try to put your house together with it. I promised the fam that I would post each picture so everyone can vote on the one they think is the best. Angelica and Stevie (her dad) created one, Sean and I created another, and Britta & Henry created one. Which do you like bettter?? :)




Enter your vote in the comments/posts! Here is one more picture of them all together so you can really compare. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scentsy Party!

*You're Invited to a Scentsational Event!*

Need a present for a mom, sister, grandma...or even yourself? Scentsy is the perfect gift that everyone and anyone will love. Scentsy is the newest and safest way to burn candles. Many of you may not know what scentsy is all about. For more information about the products, please visit You can view the latest catalog and products available. Come join us for a fun scensational night!

When: Tuesday, December 16th

Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm (Come and Go)

Where: The Hart Residence
2745 E Lynwood Cir
Mesa, AZ 85213

Click here for a map:

Staci 480-275-0868

Anyone is invited to come! Bring a friend!
I understand this holiday season is extremly busy! If you are unable to make it but would still like to order any products, let me know! There will be some products available to purchase and bring home right away. See you there!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, I have this little boy in my class...(he's one of those children that you have to pray for everyday in fear that you might do or say something that you shouldn't). Anyways, it was early release today and we had to hurry through math because we were cut short by about 25 min. Anyways, I told the kids that they were going to have homework on the skill that we were learning in math. This one little boy decided to express his feelings towards having homework by saying the "s" word, if you will. I looked at him and said, "Excuse me? What did you say?" (A little side note, it's not the first time kids have used this language. Some of them don't understand that it's bad because they use it at home all the time.) I bent down to talk to him figuring that it would be a little teaching moment and asked him if he said what I think he said. He came back with, "I said sheets." does that really make sense? I tell them they will have homework and he replies with, "sheets." I know that's something I probably would have said if my teacher told me I had homework. In fact, I used to say that all the time. :) Of course I made him change his card to a red light (he was already on yellow due to sitting in time out during music) and told him that he shouldn't have lied to me because now his consequence is greater. Moral of the story...children, don't lie to your teacher...and if you are going to lie, please come up with a way better excuse or story. Telling your teacher that you said, "sheets" instead of the real word makes no sense and he/she will see right through you.

That's all

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Tatum tagged me!

10 years ago...
1. My ward was split and I was really sad to leave my BFF's! (Can you tell it has scarred me for life? jk)
2. Started 7th grade at Brimhall Jr highand realized Laura Millett (Udall) had every class with me! It was so fun!
3. I was obsessed with playing my violin. (Call me an orch-dork)
4. Hung out with my cousin Jenna like every day.
5. Had a best friend ditch me to hang out with the "cool" girls who made out with boys. ha ha ha! Wow! This one makes me laugh!

On To-Do List... (Do you really want to hear this?)
1. Make next weeks lesson plans and make all copies
2. Figure out what I am going to do with a few problem children
3. Clean my apartment
4. Go to the store to purchase a few items
5. Go to the bank to deposit a check...who has time to go to the bank? Apparently I don't because the check has been in my wallet for a while!

Snacks I enjoy...
1. Fruit Snacks
2. Popcorn
3. chips and salsa
4. Strawberries
5. red licorice

Things I would do if I were a Millionaire:
1. Stay at home
2. Travel the world
3. Purchase a nice home
4. Pay off student loans and car...maybe buy a new car? :)
5. Save

Places I have lived:
1. Phoenix
2. Tennessee
3. Canada
4. Mesa (85206)
5. Mesa (85204)

My dad played pro baseball before I was one, which is why I lived in Tennessee and Canada. Do I remember them? NO, I wasn't even one yet!

Jobs I Have Had...
1. Bread Store
2. Violin and Keyboard teacher at charter school
3. Customer Service Rep
4. Lab Assistant at Charter school
5. Teller and Member Service Rep
6. Teacher

People I tag... (I totally don't have 5, but oh well)
1. Courtney
2. Laura
3. Sierra
4. Amber A.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mrs. Ortega, can I go to the bathroom?

This phrase is a common phrase I hear in the classroom several times within a half hour period! Usually it is accompanied by the pee pee dance and a face that looks uncomfortable. Standard restroom procedures for my classroom are the following: You go at recess and lunch or you go when I take you (before or after specials). I do allow kids to go to the restroom during class as long as I am not teaching and it is independent work time. We get in from recess and I have starting teaching reading and a little boy ask if he could go to the restroom. (This kid asks SEVERAL times during the week. At least once or twice a day.) Of course I said, "No, we just went to recess and I am teaching." The kids are pretty good about telling me if it is an emergency, so I didn't think anything of it and continued. About 20 min. later, I hear him crying. (He sits in the front row and I was at the overhead.) So, while I am teaching, I tap on his desk and motion for him to go. Then he stood up...and lo and behold...there was pee all over his clothes!!! I couldn't believe it! I felt so bad because he didn't say it was an emergency and the little stinker just peed his pants without telling me he had to go really bad. Luckily the reading specialist was in there testing a few kids so I was able to get the kids started and I ran to find him. He had already made his way to the nurse. As I was thinking about the situation, I came to the conclusion that he has peed his pants before. How else would you know to go to the nurse when you pee your pants? I wouldn't know...would you? I would probably hide in the bathroom not knowing what to do! Basically, I am the worst teacher and make kids pee their pants.

That's all.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Okay...Really this time...What was I thinking?!?!?!

So, let's just say that this last week was ridiculously crazy! I have been an emotional WrEcK! Like, crying over stupid things and not being able to think straight. Day 1 was great and then the rest of the week went downhill. It's not even that my students are bad...because they are not. I was going through some out of body experience and it was so stupid! I guess I jinxed myself last Saturday (before school started). Sean and I were over at Benson and Sarah's house (which is really cute by the way) and Sarah informed me that her friends said they came home crying everyday their first year of teaching. I replied with, "Oh, I'm not worried. That probably won't be me." HA HA HA HA HA! That's a joke! Let's just say I cried on Tuesday after school, Wednesday DURING school (let's just say someone had to take my class for the 2nd half of the day because I couldn't stop), and the 3rd day before school. I had a little girl ask me why my face was all red and I replied, "I just have really bad allergies." I love the naive-ness of little kids. ha ha! I am pleased to say that I haven't cried since last Thursday. People keep asking me if I am pregnant and I can assure everyone that I am NOT!
On a better note, today was a great day! The kids keep asking me my first name and I tell them it is "Mrs.". It's too bad I have all of the staff members' kids/family members in my class so they all know my first name. It's all good though. I know this week will be a great one!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What Was I Thinking??!?!?!?!

So, today was my first day of school. I felt like a little kid all over again . I didn't sleep too well, tried to go to bed early, woke up really early, etc. The first day of school went really well. I feel like the day flew by and I accomplished nothing. No joke! I planned a few different activities to do to break the ice and get to know the kids, but...they didn't happen. We did the "blah" things that need to be done so the rest of the year can run smoothly. We practiced routines and procedures (over and over and over again...and will do them over and over and over again tomorrow). The kids probably think I am the devil because I assigned homework on the first night. (It was really easy.) Oh well!!!! I need them to get in the routine of being responsible and doing homework. For the most part, the day went very well. My legs hurt, my body hurts, my brain hurts, and my feet hurt. Maybe because I was standing, walking, and thinking way too long. I think 11 hours is too long to work. Especially when you are on your feet for most of it! I get paid for working 11 hours today...NOOOO! That's the best part of being a teacher. You work countless hours and get paid "time and a half" times zero for all of those hours of overtime. All in all, it was a good day. I am tired and need to sleep for a good day tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Major Update!

So, my life has been pretty hectic these past couple of weeks so I haven't had time to update my blog. Hopefully I don't end up like one of those people who don't update their blogs for months, but this next year will be CrAzY!!! It will be my first year of teaching and I am way excited! At the same time, I am way scared because I feel overwhelmed with tons of stuff to do and no time to do it. I will be teaching 3rd grade. I kind of don't want to reveal too much info about where I will be because I don't want any scary dudes reading this and stocking me or my we'll leave it at that!

rEcAp-- Earlier this month, Sean and I went to Flagstaff with his family and stayed at a condo/resort place. It was really nice and sooooo relaxing. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

I am seriously not much of a picture taker! When I do take pictures, there are rarely any that I can stand to look at! So, I have to close my eyes and pick a few.

Next, Sean celebrated his 24th birthday last week! We didn't take any pictures because (once again) I am so bad with taking pictures. Maybe once we have kids I will get better. It's just no fun taking pictures of myself. It's crazy that he is already 24! It seems like just yesterday I met him right before my sophomore year and he was 17 going into his junior year. Time is flying!

Last but not least, I got the keys to my classroom last Wednesday and I have been going crazy setting up bulletin boards, arranging desks, laminating stuff, ...did I mention going crazy? It's amazing how many things you have to do in order to get ready for school! I just started my new teacher training today and I have an overload of information in my brain. Oh and also, my whole 3rd grade team consists of brand new teachers! So, if anyone has helpful hints, I would love to hear them! :)
That is pretty much the update I have. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of my classroom when it is all done and completed! It's almost there. The school is giving me a P.O. for $200 to spend at Lakeshore so I can't wait to get the last little bit!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2 Wonderful Years!

Sean and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on July 7. I can't believe it has been two years already! Since I planned Valentine's Day, Sean's task was to plan our anniversary...and he did a wonderful job. He took the day off of work in order to spend the whole day with me. We went to breakfast and to a movie. We went home and I was getting a really bad migraine...of all days! So, I took some medicine. (I may have taken a little too much. Is 4 Ibuprofen and 2 Excedrin within a 3 hour period too much? Yeah, I think so.) I rested with a cold, wet rag on my head for about 1/2 hour and started to get ready to go to dinner. Sean wouldn't tell me where we were going for dinner. All I knew was that I needed to get all dressed up. My headache was starting to slowly go away by the time I was done getting ready and stomach started hurting really bad. (This is why I think I took too much medicine.) I was having really sharp pains in my stomach and it was no good. I felt bad because Sean went through all this trouble to plan our anniversary and I wasn't feeling well. Sean ended up taking me to...drum roll...The Melting Pot. I was so excited because I had never been there before. The only problem was, nothing sounded good because my stomach hurt. I was able to eat some and I didn't hold back when it came to eating the chocolate fondue. Mmm! All in all, we had a lot of fun! We are so happy to be married!

Here are some pictures:

This is us at The Melting Pot. I love that you get
your own little private booth. So fun!

For our anniversary, we decided to get new cell phones. My old cell phone was held together with tape so I think it was about time I got a new one. I have never been big into buying the newest model with the tricks and what not. For example, my first phone was a cheap Cricket phone. I got that phone at about the time when flip phones were in. (Mine was not a flip phone.) Then, when camera phones were big, I finally upgraded to a flip phone. Two years after that, I finally got a camera phone. Now, I can actually say that my phone is not outdated! Yeah!

Here are some more pictures that Sean's mom took for us:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

B*birthday-March 3rd
C*candy or cake-I would say cake!
D*dessert you love-Strawberry Shortcake (Anything strawberry)
E*easiest person to talk to-Sean
F*favorite song-since it changes all the time... Not gonna lie, I love the David Cook song "Always Be My Baby" It's so good!
G*gold or silver-silver
H*habit- shopping a habit? Cause I do it all the time!
I*instruments you play-Violin and piano
J*Job title-Well, currently it's a Lazy Bum. On July 29th I will be a teacher! :)
K*kids-none yet...hopefully soon!
L*love or lust-LOVE
M*Married, single or taken-Married and loving it!
N*next to you- My cell phone and a water bottle
O*one wish- That I won't go crazy my first year of teaching and won't get sick
P*person you called last- My mom
Q*Quotes- Hmmm... not sure
R*reasons to smile- When Sean gets home from work!
S*steak or pork- Steak
T*turns you on- Is this appropriate!? ha ha!
U*unique talent- Well, it's weird, but I can fold my ears in. Totally not normal but there is hardly any cartilage in my ears.
V*vegetable-Corn or green beans
W*woke up at what time- 9:00 (That's what happens when you are getting a sinus infection and took some good medicine the night before!)
X* x-rays you've gotten- Well, I have had an X-ray on my hip area because the doctor was checking for all sorts of things. It was followed by an ultrasound on the same area. Probably not necessary but I can say I've had one!
Y*your favorite color- My favorite color changes with my mood. I love purple, pink, blue, yellow, red...pretty much all colors.
Z*zodiac sign-Pisces

I tag Sierra and anyone else who enjoys filling these things out!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Angelica's Dance Recital

So, our amazingly talented niece had her last dance concert last Saturday at Red Mountain High School. She has been dancing since she was really young (as long as I can remember and I've known her since she was 3)! She did an excellent job and we are so proud of her! Here are a few pictures that we took after the concert. I didn't want to take any pictures during the show considering that I'm not sure it was allowed.

This is Angelica right after the dance recital. It was too cute! Through out the whole recital she kept looking down at all of us and smiling. She is so good at dancing. Her and Sean have dance off battles...which are quite humorous, I might add. (Ps. Sean dances, for anyone who doesn't know. He took Campbell's when he was younger and the natural rhythm and coordination has stuck with him. In fact, anyone who went to Mesa High during 2002-2003 school year, remembers the infamous dance performed by him and some buddies at the Euporea concert. It was great! I'm pretty sure that I fell in love with him all over again when I saw it!)

This is Sean, Angelica, and I. No, we are not that short and she is not as tall as us. We were kneeling! Of course, she is pretty tall for her age, but not that tall! :)

Would you say they look alike? ha ha! We laugh because Sean looks like he was adopted when seen with his dad. Yes, this is how we get the Ortega last name. I promise there is Mexican in Sean! :)

Here is Angelica, her grandma (Sean's mom), and tata (Sean's dad). I am really sad because I didn't get pictures of the proud parents! So, here are the proud grandparents!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tournament in Payson

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Anyone that knows my dad knows that he is a huge baseball/softball fanatic. (Along with hunting and anything involving outdoors...eww!) Since he got 4 girls and 1 boy (who I might add is not a sports player...nor is he a hunter) , he made it a point to make his little girls sports players. My mom tried to throw her forte at us (which is music) and I'm pretty sure that my little sisters ran with my dad's wish. They are great little ball players! They play on a year round club team and are so fun to watch. Back in March, Aubrey, the oldest of the twins, broke her leg and has to take a break from the madness until she heals completely. It is sad for her to not be able to go and do the thing she loves, but we know that she will be stronger and will work harder to get back on the ball in a few months.

This last weekend, their team, The Sun Divas, (not to be mistaken with the Sun Devils who just won the World Series) had a tournament in Payson. Since I just didn't get enough of Payson area with girls camp, Sean and I decided to go and watch their games.

This is Aubrey who broke her leg. See the sad look on her face! jk She just wasn't ready for the picture. Sean and I had a great time and the weather was awesome!

Here is the all-star pitcher at work! She did very well and only one girl got a hit off of her. My dad and her pitching coach works on her with her risers, curves, change-ups, etc. and she is becoming a really good pitcher. Way to go Sierra! All in all, their team won both games. We were a little nervous on the second game due to some in field errors, but we came out with a win. Sierra hit home run (which was her first)!

After the games, we stopped by Camp Geronimo to see my uncle and his family. They work there every summer and live in a little cabin up there. It brought back memories for Sean as we went to the trading post and other places he remembers while being up there. I am proud of my little sisters for their hard work and dedication! They are great athletes!

Here are some more pictures:

Thank goodness for our official chair holder. :) I love you babe!

Friday, May 30, 2008

NAU Alumni


I finally did it! I graduated from college. I decided that I wanted to go to NAU to walk in the graduation because it wouldn't be the same if I didn't. So, we went on a short day trip to Flagstaff to enjoy the great weather and ceremony.

Sean and I woke up early in the morning and headed off for Flagstaff. The trip went really well and we had a lot of fun! This is Sean and I right after the graduation ceremony.

I was really happy that my parents, grandma, and Sean's family were able to come. It wouldn't have been the same without them!