Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Tatum tagged me!

10 years ago...
1. My ward was split and I was really sad to leave my BFF's! (Can you tell it has scarred me for life? jk)
2. Started 7th grade at Brimhall Jr highand realized Laura Millett (Udall) had every class with me! It was so fun!
3. I was obsessed with playing my violin. (Call me an orch-dork)
4. Hung out with my cousin Jenna like every day.
5. Had a best friend ditch me to hang out with the "cool" girls who made out with boys. ha ha ha! Wow! This one makes me laugh!

On To-Do List... (Do you really want to hear this?)
1. Make next weeks lesson plans and make all copies
2. Figure out what I am going to do with a few problem children
3. Clean my apartment
4. Go to the store to purchase a few items
5. Go to the bank to deposit a check...who has time to go to the bank? Apparently I don't because the check has been in my wallet for a while!

Snacks I enjoy...
1. Fruit Snacks
2. Popcorn
3. chips and salsa
4. Strawberries
5. red licorice

Things I would do if I were a Millionaire:
1. Stay at home
2. Travel the world
3. Purchase a nice home
4. Pay off student loans and car...maybe buy a new car? :)
5. Save

Places I have lived:
1. Phoenix
2. Tennessee
3. Canada
4. Mesa (85206)
5. Mesa (85204)

My dad played pro baseball before I was one, which is why I lived in Tennessee and Canada. Do I remember them? NO, I wasn't even one yet!

Jobs I Have Had...
1. Bread Store
2. Violin and Keyboard teacher at charter school
3. Customer Service Rep
4. Lab Assistant at Charter school
5. Teller and Member Service Rep
6. Teacher

People I tag... (I totally don't have 5, but oh well)
1. Courtney
2. Laura
3. Sierra
4. Amber A.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mrs. Ortega, can I go to the bathroom?

This phrase is a common phrase I hear in the classroom several times within a half hour period! Usually it is accompanied by the pee pee dance and a face that looks uncomfortable. Standard restroom procedures for my classroom are the following: You go at recess and lunch or you go when I take you (before or after specials). I do allow kids to go to the restroom during class as long as I am not teaching and it is independent work time. We get in from recess and I have starting teaching reading and a little boy ask if he could go to the restroom. (This kid asks SEVERAL times during the week. At least once or twice a day.) Of course I said, "No, we just went to recess and I am teaching." The kids are pretty good about telling me if it is an emergency, so I didn't think anything of it and continued. About 20 min. later, I hear him crying. (He sits in the front row and I was at the overhead.) So, while I am teaching, I tap on his desk and motion for him to go. Then he stood up...and lo and behold...there was pee all over his clothes!!! I couldn't believe it! I felt so bad because he didn't say it was an emergency and the little stinker just peed his pants without telling me he had to go really bad. Luckily the reading specialist was in there testing a few kids so I was able to get the kids started and I ran to find him. He had already made his way to the nurse. As I was thinking about the situation, I came to the conclusion that he has peed his pants before. How else would you know to go to the nurse when you pee your pants? I wouldn't know...would you? I would probably hide in the bathroom not knowing what to do! Basically, I am the worst teacher and make kids pee their pants.

That's all.