Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sean Boy's Big Promo!

So, Sean has been working very hard the past year or so to take that next big step within the company. A management position opened (which doesn't happen frequently) and he decided to apply for it. He nailed the interview and called back for a second interview. Did an awesome job on his presentation in the second interview. Well, he didn't end up getting that job. About 2 weeks later, his director called him in to her office and spoke to him about the direction the company was going and asked him his thoughts. Then asked him if he would help her on a very big project. She turned her computer screen around and it said, "I have a management position open, are you in?" Of course he accepted!

Don't worry because he found out around 10:00am in the morning and decided that he wasn't going to tell me just yet. I wasn't expecting anything because the original position was already filled and didn't know that another position opened up.
We got new phones that same day and were trying to figure them out. (We aren't used to high tech phones.)
He was texting me on his phone from upstairs and this was our text convo:
Sean: I have a secret to tell you.
Me: What is that?
Sean: That I am going to make $X a year.
Me: I don't get it. Why do you say that?
Sean: There is only one way that I could make $X a year. Please use your critical thinking skills!
Me: I know. When you become a manager? Did you get a manager position?
Sean: YES!!!!!!!!!
Me: (Running upstairs screaming and freaking out for a couple of reasons. First, I was so excited that he got a position because I know he has worked so hard and is ready for it. Second, he knew ALL day and didn't tell me until 6:00pm. He is good at hiding it.)

Anyways, that's our good news! We are both very excited and feel very blessed.