Thursday, November 15, 2007


Viva Mexico!

So, every year my family takes a trip down to Puerto Penasco, MX. I absolutely love going to Mexico because it's a Whitmer family tradition! My dad is a huge outdoors camping man so of course we stay at an RV park and camp. Good thing Sean and I got a tent and air mattress for our wedding because it's been a lifesaver. Thanks to Judy Cotter! :) I will admit I am not much of a photographer and don't take many pictures. This is partly because I never had a camara until I decided to get Sean one for his birthday. So, we don't have many pictures from the trip, but it was still a lot of fun! One of the best things to do down there is SHOP! We go to the dirt mall (not so much dirt anymore becuase they decided to pave the road dang it) and shop for useless items that we forget about once we get home. Except I did buy this amazing dress to wear for bed, cleaning, cooking, etc. I figure if I am going to have the last name of Ortega, I better act, dress, cook like it! Well, maybe not cook because Mexicans are amazing cooks. Trust me, I love Ortega family parties.

This is Sean and I at the dirt mall trying on the nifty $5 sunglasses that break very easily. Which is why I buy one pair, they break during the year, then I buy another pair the next year. It's a great plan! :)

This is my little sisters (Aubrey and Sierra) and their friends at the dirt mall. Man they are getting old!


So, we love the movie Nacho Libre and had to purchase this lovely Nacho mask. Yes, Sean looks a little goofy, but I think it's hilarious!

I don't really have many more pictures that actually turned out because I don't really take many pictures. I promise I'll get better at it! :)