Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tournament in Payson

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Anyone that knows my dad knows that he is a huge baseball/softball fanatic. (Along with hunting and anything involving outdoors...eww!) Since he got 4 girls and 1 boy (who I might add is not a sports player...nor is he a hunter) , he made it a point to make his little girls sports players. My mom tried to throw her forte at us (which is music) and I'm pretty sure that my little sisters ran with my dad's wish. They are great little ball players! They play on a year round club team and are so fun to watch. Back in March, Aubrey, the oldest of the twins, broke her leg and has to take a break from the madness until she heals completely. It is sad for her to not be able to go and do the thing she loves, but we know that she will be stronger and will work harder to get back on the ball in a few months.

This last weekend, their team, The Sun Divas, (not to be mistaken with the Sun Devils who just won the World Series) had a tournament in Payson. Since I just didn't get enough of Payson area with girls camp, Sean and I decided to go and watch their games.

This is Aubrey who broke her leg. See the sad look on her face! jk She just wasn't ready for the picture. Sean and I had a great time and the weather was awesome!

Here is the all-star pitcher at work! She did very well and only one girl got a hit off of her. My dad and her pitching coach works on her with her risers, curves, change-ups, etc. and she is becoming a really good pitcher. Way to go Sierra! All in all, their team won both games. We were a little nervous on the second game due to some in field errors, but we came out with a win. Sierra hit home run (which was her first)!

After the games, we stopped by Camp Geronimo to see my uncle and his family. They work there every summer and live in a little cabin up there. It brought back memories for Sean as we went to the trading post and other places he remembers while being up there. I am proud of my little sisters for their hard work and dedication! They are great athletes!

Here are some more pictures:

Thank goodness for our official chair holder. :) I love you babe!


Tatum said...

Staci I am so proud of you for updating your blog!!! I will probably sleep better tonight knowing you did! jk

Anonymous said...

Your sisters are so cute and so old! How cool for your dad that you guys all played and were good too! That is a fun excuse to get to cooler weather!