Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

B*birthday-March 3rd
C*candy or cake-I would say cake!
D*dessert you love-Strawberry Shortcake (Anything strawberry)
E*easiest person to talk to-Sean
F*favorite song-since it changes all the time... Not gonna lie, I love the David Cook song "Always Be My Baby" It's so good!
G*gold or silver-silver
H*habit- hmmm...is shopping a habit? Cause I do it all the time!
I*instruments you play-Violin and piano
J*Job title-Well, currently it's a Lazy Bum. On July 29th I will be a teacher! :)
K*kids-none yet...hopefully soon!
L*love or lust-LOVE
M*Married, single or taken-Married and loving it!
N*next to you- My cell phone and a water bottle
O*one wish- That I won't go crazy my first year of teaching and won't get sick
P*person you called last- My mom
Q*Quotes- Hmmm... not sure
R*reasons to smile- When Sean gets home from work!
S*steak or pork- Steak
T*turns you on- Is this appropriate!? ha ha!
U*unique talent- Well, it's weird, but I can fold my ears in. Totally not normal but there is hardly any cartilage in my ears.
V*vegetable-Corn or green beans
W*woke up at what time- 9:00 (That's what happens when you are getting a sinus infection and took some good medicine the night before!)
X* x-rays you've gotten- Well, I have had an X-ray on my hip area because the doctor was checking for all sorts of things. It was followed by an ultrasound on the same area. Probably not necessary but I can say I've had one!
Y*your favorite color- My favorite color changes with my mood. I love purple, pink, blue, yellow, red...pretty much all colors.
Z*zodiac sign-Pisces

I tag Sierra and anyone else who enjoys filling these things out!


Patterson's said...

Fun stuff! I love David Cook's song as well-amazing! It was fun seeing you guys at the game-to bad the Diamondbacks lost. I want to see your ear disappearing thing-that sounds freaky!